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aaahhh sunday morning, sun, no wind - perfect for cycling..

micaabmicaab Posts: 72
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.....and I'm stuck indoors with a house full of kids! (don;t you just love them).


maybe next weekend will be the same. :P


  • Same here, only i got a bloody cold... would normally go out with just a head cold, but this one has given me a cough... I dont think you should ride with respiratory problems as they can develop into something worse....

    ... like you say, keep smiling there will be other lovely days :)
  • Not bad in norfolk at the mo bit of a cold breeze though. Changed a few things on the bike so thought i would go around the estate to check them out. Ended up taking the wrong turn :lol::lol: and did 15 miles.
    Hope you get out soon hate being stuck in.
  • micaabmicaab Posts: 72
    yeah got my new SPD shoes and pedals in the week so was itching to give them a whirl

    and i've got to go round to the parents for dinner soon as well, hopefully might get out for a spin after 4pm

    fingers crossed.
  • Joe86Joe86 Posts: 180
    I have a buckled wheel which is touching the break pad, so I have to take it to the store to get it trued. But that won't be until Tuesday or so, so I have had to have a week off cycling :( its really boring without it!
  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    Got up early, still didn't manage it. I find myself looking for excuses not to go at the moment - today's was that I needed to go food shopping. I'm in a catch 22 - fitness has slipped due to other circumstances, so finding it hard to get going, but unless I do the fitness won't imprve.

    When lunch has settled I may have a quick ride out, although the sky has gone very black here now.
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  • Wih it was like this yesterday when i was doing the tour of the pennines sportive :roll: todays a definate day of and recuperate day. Even though I keep looking outside and hinking perhaps I could jus go and do a little 30miler or something
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  • John C.John C. Posts: 2,113
    Exellent morning ride out, a bit cool but clear blue skys and stunning views around Thirsk. And I got lost :oops: only about 8 miles from home. Well not really lost but I found myself on a road I didn't think I was on and did a nice big loop. It brought back all the reasons why I love riding bikes, freedom, quite country lanes, stunning views around Upsal and Kepwick, and of course the rising heart rate, the click of gears.......................... :lol:

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  • Glorious 40 mile autumnal ride from Melton to Charnwood Forest and back, roads very quite sun shining, a little nippy early on but :D:D:D .
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  • ProssPross Posts: 34,866
    I managed to get out a make the most of it. Met a few of my old clubmates and really enjoyed riding in a group again for part of the ride. Eventually got in 40 miles, my longest ride in 10 years, and could have managed more but had to get back. Wind picked up a bit towards the end but didn't have too far to go riding into it. :D
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    At work this morning till 1pm but got out this afternoon for a nice 40 miler on my single speed, weather was just about perfect for riding, my favorite time of year!
  • Takis61Takis61 Posts: 239
    Managed 50 miles bbut suffered half way in, cold definitely coming on, no question, but still thoroughly enjoyed it !
    My knees hurt !
  • Bed at 1.30am, awake at 5.30 to watch the f1 live.

    hangover form too much beer and wine, overly full from curry,

    still went out at 8am after f1 finished, near got frostbite but worth it, what a morning to go out riding in! No wind, sun, no families on the cycle path taking up every inch of space...
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