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what are these forks?

Jmiller2610Jmiller2610 Posts: 15
edited October 2009 in MTB general
Hi, does anyone know what forks these are on this bike, on this link. :


  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
  • would you say that the f100 any good for 4x?
  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
    yeah, they are light and 100mm travel is widely used for 4X but wait until the FOX 32 831 are for sale because they are specifically designed for 4X,DJ and duel slalom
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    IIRC the Yeti Dj is frame only and you build it to your specs.

    The fork could be the new 4X Fox 32 831 fork, in a custom colour as the 32 831 is only in black on the Fox site.
  • yeah i have seen the 831 , they look real smart. but i think they are going to but a bit more exspensive than the f100. I am going to build a 2010 yeti DJ. I will be putting some of my other bikes parts on it but i dont want to go other the top with the price.
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