Ullapool Mor Sportive

Peter Main
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the idea is to die young as late as possible


  • holmeboy
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    Hey good story Pete, mine was pretty similar except I saved "Rideshots" till after the Windy bit to Ledmore junction. They seemed to do the trick to get me over the few final climbs. It is an excellant coarse, but would only do it again if some of my cyling buddies want to go next year. I to had suffered health wise with the swine flu coupla weeks before (still got cough yet) which took it's toll on the 100 mile mark. That's the Bealach done (twice), Skye 100 and Cairngorm 100 also, have only decided to go for FWC next year and maybe a coupla others in England/Wales (research required). Done the Big G in Yorkshire Wolds this year and would recommend it to anyone who LOVES hills. :)
  • fixiebob
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    Hi Peter I had a similar experience this was my first sportive and didn't really prepare well enough I finished in 9.35 with an on bike time of 9.12.
    The day was brilliant well organised and everyone was very friendly and it was very reassuring to see the coastguard firstaiders almost every 20 minutes.
    I will definately be back next year a bit better prepared and with some fellow Wick Wheelers.


    P.S Holmeboy how did Skye compare to Ullapool I fancy doing it next year
  • holmeboy
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    Skye was quite similar to Ullapool except it's up and down the whole route, similar to the start and finish of Ullapool. Think there will always be a wind present just like Ullapool, certainally I flew upto the top of Skye and then you turned right round back into the wind,. Again. beautiful scenery, specailly heading towards the Culliens, feed stations where similar to Ullapool.