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chain keeps kicking up

bing gordonbing gordon Posts: 662
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im determined to learn some basic bike tuning so i got myself a good stand and trying to adjust the rear mech which i've managed to do with the help of numerous web vids but ive one slight problem , the when im on high gears and large chainset the chain kicks up off the top of the chainset every few revolutions, like skips a beat so to speak.

ive noticed the outside edge of a link will sometimes actually sit right on the edge chainset and rise up off the chainset and looks as though its trying to come off.

im not sure if the chains right length or not or how i can fix this , can anyone help me resolve this problem.


  • Have you checked your chain ring for wear? I had an issue while climbing in the big ring where the chain just hopped off. It appears to be a combination of chain stretch and wear on my SRAM Red chain ring.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Firstly, is there a stiff link in your chain? usually more pronounceable when running through the jockey wheels. +1 for worn chainring - are the teeth 'hooked' and so don't release the chain smoothly, hence the 'hop' How old is the chainset and how many miles has it done?
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  • aoeuaoeu Posts: 34
    Was this problem apparent prior to you adjusting things?

    You may have adjusted your limit screws too far and thus its forcing the chain onto the edge of the rear sprocket.
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