The Horror...the Horror...

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Click on the video links to see it in all its' chavtastic glory...


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    Cressers wrote:
    Click on the video links to see it in all its' chavtastic glory...

    Words fail me.
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    Time to book my place at Hack Green Nuclear bunker.
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    I went to see it in the flesh on Sunday, and it's not as good as previous years' displays. It looks better on the vidoes. I suspect that the credit crunch has struck the house lighting classes... last!
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    Christmas shopping is now officially available for 20%+ of each year. Fabulous.

    Govt should blanket ban it until Dec 1st.

    And anyone covering their house in lights should be hanged, drawn and quartered...

    And.....relax....... :lol:
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    I want one of the talking reindeer heads. Awesome. :lol:
    Det. Sgt. George Carter: Do you know what, Jack? You're full of sh!t.
    Det. Insp. Jack Regan: I thought it was about time you made an intellectual contribution to this debate.
    Det. Sgt. George Carter: Boll@cks.
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    There they've been a bit sneaky, the reindeer head was from last years' display and wasn't up this year. There are rumours thet the nursery will either close or move from it's present site so this year may be your last chance to see it...

    ...and the cuddly polar bear mother and cub, a snip at £600 for the pair, the resin nativity figure, yours for just £235, or the Worlds' fair animated parachute ride (what has that to do with X**s?) for £156...