Shimano Dura Ace 7850 CL or SL Wheels?

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I am looking at buying a set of Dura Ace Wheels. Initially I was looking at the clincher version which is lighter, by around 128g, and possibly easier to live with. On the other hand the the tubeless version is around £50 cheaper and my offer better on road characteristics despite the additional rolling weight.

Anyone tried both?

I was also considering the following wheels: Easton EA90 SLX, HED Ardennes, Fulcrum One's or Mavic's probably Ksyrium SL Premium - any advice on these would also be very welcome. My weight is between 75 - 80 kgs.



  • Perhaps not exactly the answer you were looking for, but it is possible to run Tubeless on most standard clincher rims (Open Pros may be problematic) with simple Stan's NoTubes stuff available on Wiggle and PBK. I did it for one wheel and was very impressed by the ride quality and cornering grip. You need a £10 roll of rim tape (will do 2 wheels), £6 valve, £3 sealant bottle and a fusion 2 RT tyre obvio. Not much money to find out if you are impressed with tubeless or not by fitting it to an existing wheel. Front wheel might be best for cornering benefits- that is what I did. ... f6nWFj6S8Y
  • ps heard only good things about the Carbon Laminate clinchers (RS80s are cheaper with the same rim though). Fulcrum are quite stiff and seem popular with racers, Ksyriums distinctly unfashionable at the mo.
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    I run tubeless on Open Pros, as petromyzon describes. I'm a big fan and no problems at all. I run Hutch Fusion2s.

    Having said that, if I was in the market for some factory wheels, I'd get the SLs myself, and run them tubeless. Maxxis have a new tubeless tyre about to come out - the Padrone, so the tyre choice will only get better.
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  • Maddog, apologies if you have posted this elsewhere, but was there any trick to setting up the O-pros tubeless? Can you burp them with your fingers? I have read some people saying that you should put the Stan's tape over a set of traditional rimtape to tighten things up. I almost gave up trying to get the fusion 2 on to my non-tubeless fulcrum wheel (it was insanely tight) so I've no desire to tighten the O-pro up if I don't need to.
    Also, any links to the Maxxis RT?

    OP: I too would get the carbon lam wheels and run them tubeless as the Stan's tape is not heavy and the overall rim mass would still be less than the scandium one I believe. Fulcrum claim that tubeless-specific rims give a perfect fit minimising frictional losses between rubber and rim. They also don't mention sealant in the manuals, but I couldn't get my tire to hold air without it, suggesting that perhaps tubeless specific rims hold pressure better. (I might have damaged my tire getting it on, but it now holds air just as well as butyl tubes after adding sealant). These are the two reasons I can think of for getting RT-specific rims.
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    there's an account here ... ight=stans

    I think the prep needs to be good but if it is then they don't burp or lose air. I used two layers of Stans expensive tape and they've been fine.
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  • Aah yes, I remember reading that now, I think that was what inspired me to give it a go. My Fulcrum wheel was crazy tight but it is with all tires; perhaps the O-pro will be sensible. I prepped exactly as you did and have been very happy with the ride quality, all we need now is a better selection of tires as Hutchinson aren't exactly renowned for making the fastest clinchers (come on Vittoria!)

    Thanks MD
  • Sound like giving Stans No Tubes with the CL wheels could be worth a go.

    Thanks for the comments.
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    try washing up liquid and warm water in a 1:4 mix, with plenty of bubbles, to help a tight tyre over the rim. Tubeless tyres are a tad tighter than standard ones, as the bead is tougher.
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