Santa Cruz Superlight with 120mm fork?

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Anybody run one of these and if so I'd be very interested to hear how you're getting on.

I'm looking at my first Full Suss purchase and am hoping for something that'll do me for up to 12hr races, general XC and the occasional trail centre day.

I tried a standard Superlight at Afan a couple of years ago with 100mm forks and it was fine bu tthe extra 20mm might help on some of the descents?



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    From the Sc website -

    100-120mm will work great, depending on what you want the bike to do. 100mm forks will give the bike quick handling, and classic 71/73 degree angles. 120mm forks will make the bike more stable at speed and are better for slightly more aggressive riders. 120mm is the largest you can use and not void your warranty. If you really want to use a 130mm or longer fork, you should be on a Blur LT or Heckler
  • Hi, i run Fox f120 rlc's on my superlight, had them on since i got it so can't really compare to 100mm but they feel great. I ride anything from local loops to day long rides to trail centres and xc races (in the fat lads class at the back) and i find them great on everything.

    Anything over 120 would be overkill i think and probably agree with the Blur/Heckler comments.

    I'm very impressed with mine and would recommend.....