Shimano crankset with 9 spd?

Pavel Spirine
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Hi everyone,

So I've got a bike at the moment with a 9spd set up at the rear (sram x-7). I've just bought a replacement frame, which is a 2009 Rockhopper Pro. The frame is as new, and comes with a BB and crankset.
My existing BB is well worn and the crankset has seen better days.

My plan is to swap all the components over to the new frame, keeping the new crankset and BB.

The crankset on the Rockhopper Pro frame is Shimano FC-M361 (read off the back of a crank), which I believe is an 8 speed crankset.It's an octalink crankset.

Would I be able to use a 9 speed cassette + chain with this crankset or do I need to change it? Could I use the crankset off the other bike with this BB? (I don't know if the 9spd crankset I have is octalink or whether it needs the same length of BB?). The number on the old on is Shimano Malaysia VIA AE 1/5 FC-MC19/MC20/M440



  • You'd need to change the chain rings or the complete chainset. A 9spd cahin is narrower than an 8spd one.
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  • Andy B
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    You may be able to use the Acrea chainset (M361 is square taper) with a 9spd set up, even though the chain widths differ for 8 & 9spd.

    If it doesn't work just buy a set of new chainrings & replace the old ones.

    Although if the old chainset has pretty worn chainrings you may as well just get a set of new ones.
  • Thanks guys,

    Andy, the M361 is definitely octalink! the M440 (the older one) is a square taper. Would that make any difference if I was to swap them over? Having another look at it the M440 isn't actually worn out much, all the play is in the BB, and the rings don't look too bad.

    So.. Can I swap the M440 square in place of the M361 octalink?

  • IF not, could I swap the 3 rings from the M440 onto the M361?

    Sorry to be a pain with all the questions, but interchangeability of parts is the one thing I still haven't quite figured out with bikes (cars are no problem! :D)
  • Andy B
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    Pavel Spirine so it is, my info was wrong!

    swapping depends on if the BB is the correct size for the new frame.
  • Ah so I'd need a square taper BB with a square taper crankset! bugger :(

    What about swapping the 9spd rings from the M440 onto the M361? Will that make it suitable for a 9spd setup?
  • Andy B
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    Yup swapping the rings should work.
  • Woohoo! off to get me allen keys!

    Thanks Andy