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ok, so i am fairly new, young, and stupid. what does the term frameset refer to when buying a bike? just the frame? or the frame and fork? or does it depend where you buy said frameset from? they dont have a component list, but show pictures of full bikes, so would kind of like to know what you get for your money. thanks


  • sellisnba
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    I'm pretty sure it means just the frame.
  • Andy B
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    Just the frame IIRC.
  • thanks guys
  • ride_whenever
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    it's a run over from road biking, where it is frame, headset, fork and seatpost.

    frameset usually includes headset and seatpost in mtb.
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    Would a frameset include the seat post clamp too? ... t=12613038
    Anyway, fk dis, I iz off 4 a ride innit. l8rz peepz
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    the last frameset I bought included the seatclamp and frame, nothing else
    the one prior to that, no seatclamp

    I've never had a headset included.

    but then I'd say the terms frameset and frame are interchangeable. easiest is to ask the supplier.

    R_W is right though, it's a hangover from roadbiking where the fork (and thus the headset) was included. Back then the seatclamps were mostly welded tot he frame so were included by default.

    Pace do a thing they call a rolling chassis, which includes frame, fork, headset and wheels (i think no seatclamp...) but no tyres etc etc
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