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I know Rollapaluza did a night in Bristol,

Are there any outside of London?


  • Dunno, but I've been wondering about building your own. There's people doing this in the states:

    This stuff still seems a bit rough and ready, but basically they have open source software for running the race, open hardware (based on cheapie arduino sensor kits) that you plug into the software to monitor the bikes, and if you need help with the rollers themselves, they're apparently about to start distributing Kreitler Goldsprints two-rider rollers, ready-made to fit the electronics: ... ssionID=71

    They also talk about the kind of kit/software that's used for rollapaluza, goldsprints, etc so you can consider alternative approaches.

    I've been digging around to see if I can get schematics for linking ANT+Sport chips to this kind of setup - that would let us set this up at after-event bashes with any bikes & rollers that people can scrape together. There's a guy running that seems to have done some of the work already.
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    CraigH wrote:
    I know Rollapaluza did a night in Bristol,

    Are there any outside of London?
    Well there's been one in Bristol...
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    Been looking at the opensprints stuff as well, but am not ready to commit to a build as i have never even been to an event, yet alone ready to promote one...will look into it a bit deeper.. maybe get one set up on turbo trainers for a club night.
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    We are going to embark on a national series this autumn/winter. With regional races all around the country. Including Bristol, Manchester, Scotland, Birmingham, The South Coast, London & possibly Wales.

    The opensprint system is definately a work in progress, it isn't brilliantly stable yet. The mechanical system we have refined is bullet proof with only one cable failing in the last 10,000 races. All our rollers and rigs are hand made to a much higher spec than any mass produced items. Other than that we don't use any software to run the racing, our digital timing augments the mechanical kit though it isn't a neccesity.

    If you want any further info email us at or look at
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    Cant wait for the Rollapaluza series..
    will keep my eye on the site for the south coast leg.