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Compression clothing

Sprocket DogSprocket Dog Posts: 9
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Hi folks!

My apologies if this is not the most appropriate sub-forum for asking this, but I'm hoping for a bit of a steer on compression clothing.

My commute is 25 miles each way and currently I can only really do it twice a week as it takes a day and a half for my legs to recover and lose that heavy dead feeling.

Short of just getting on with it and upping the frequency of my commute, would compression clothing help me with recovery times?

If so, can anyone recommend some?

Thanks in advance.



  • get a hrm and don't push so hard, if you've got dead legs then you're pushing too hard.

    heartrate capped will be slower, but you'll get faster at the same hr with time.
  • teagarteagar Posts: 2,100
    Sleeping well and eating well helps.

    Lots of fish!
    Note: the above post is an opinion and not fact. It might be a lie.
  • oh yeah, recovery food. I tend to go for 1g of carbohydrates and 1/4g of protein per kg bodyweight after exercise, plenty of stretching and warming down too. Ice baths can help.

    It's a case of practicing so you can cycle more!
  • Thanks guys. I must admit, my diet and sleep patterns have not been great recently and I've been trying to cut down on my carb intake in a bid to lose a bit of weight.

  • GavHGavH Posts: 998
    I'd echo what has already been said about capping the effort and ensuring a good protein intake immediately after the ride. I'd also add that you should not forget stretching. A good session lasting 10-15 minutes should be sufficient to keep the muscles just a bit more elastic and offset any pain. And it's cheaper than compression clothing.
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,574
    Also if you are to do quite a hard commute, and 25 miles each way multiple times per week will be hard going, then try to not push a big gear too much of the time - spinning a bit of a smaller gear is slightly easier on the legs, certainly for recovery purposes.
    Maybe see if a cold or hot bath helps too, once you get home.
    I have a pretty hard commute, only 35 mile round trip, but it's up and down all the way. I tend to do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday take car then ride Thursday and maybe or maybe not Friday , depending how the legs are, if I am racing the next day etc.
    I'd try to maybe do alternate days, say Monday, Wed, Fri, or Monday, Tues and Thurs. Doing it too many days mightj ust wear you out.
  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 2,058
    I would echo the advice already given, but add that compression clothing does hielp.

    I use a pair of skins leggings / tights after rides and find that they make a fair bit of difference to my recovery.

    However, the right food is still the most important factor.
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,574
    Also, the usual commuting things such as getting all of your gear ready the night before so all you have to do is pick it up and put the clothing on, bag is packed, bike is ready light charged up etc
    That helps so that if you planned that day's ride to be a slightly easier one or the wind is against etc then you can leave the house with sufficient time to not have to hammer it just to get in to work on time.
    Being able to take it easier on the tougher sections of your route will make a lot of difference to how tired your legs are.
    Also at 25miles I'd want to carry a bidon with maybe a small amount of energy drink or evn just diluted fruit juice and make sure you have the same for the return journey.
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