Comfy Saddle?

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Just taken up cycling again, and will be starting to build my fitness by cycling on roads and cylce lanes.

However, I've got arse ache from one of these tiny saddles :D No doubt, I'm not the first or last to suffer from this.

I'm a big lad, and know I need to lose weight.

But until I do so, can anyone recommend a saddle that will be really comfy? Not after anything that is super light, or super dooper, just want something that is comfy for now :)

Any advice appreciated.


  • charge spoon and padded lycra underneath
  • mac_man
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    charge spoon and padded lycra underneath

    What he said. I have padded undershorts neath my baggies. No probs.
    Cool, retro and sometimes downright rude MTB and cycling themed T shirts. Just MTFU.

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  • .blitz
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    The Charge Spoon is a great saddle but once the back section starts to flex, all your weight is carried on the centre section which is very hard.

    After two Spoons I was looking for something different and got a Prologo Vertigo Max. It's approx 5mm longer and 5mm wider than a Spoon - the same basic shape but with a more pronounced 'hammock' effect. Very comfortable.
  • wtb speed v with comfort zone
    oh yeah
  • lycra is a must for comfort, tbh i use a £12 carerra one which is confy without lycra on my commute.

    the main ones have been covered already, it can take a while to find that saddle though!
  • meesterbond
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    Everyone's 'arris is different - if you ask a dozen riders for their favourite saddle you'll probably get 5 or 6 different answers!

    Anyway, I use a Fizik Gobi and have done for years.... WTB seems to fit me ok too, but Selle Italia are like razor blades... your experience may differ.

    Good quality cycling shorts are highly recommended though... I use Assos ones on my road bike and they're v. comfy.. bit pricey but I've found you do get what you pay for.