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matt cupidmatt cupid Posts: 28
edited October 2009 in XC and Enduro
did any one else do the grizedale race on the 20th of september .
it was my second time this year but i didnt do so well as i was still getting over a cold .
but never the lese a realy good race once again .good weather, good route and good atmosphere. what did every one else think ?


  • MikeWWMikeWW Posts: 723
    Our(me and my son(15) ) did it.
    Really enjoyed it apart from the push up (last year it was all rideable) and would have preferred it to have been a bit tougher but good fun
    My son was happy as he walked away with first in the U18's with a new set of Ay Ups!
  • Yes i did it also, quite enjoyed the course although not very technical which was a shame.

    Fast course though, i too was getting over a cold, managed 3hr 48 but ran out of water.

    Well done to your son!
  • well done to your son , and yes the part we had to push up was a little disapointing .
    but still a good very good race

    cya's all next year .
  • I didn't mind the push up, kind of what real mtb is like, single track, fire road, nice climbs and abit of steep pushing.

    See you all next year.
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