Do tights loosen up after a while?

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Just got a nice pair of Gore bib tights for the winter. Fit reasonably, but just a little snug below the knee.
I initially thought I should return them and try a different size or brand, but I'm wondering whether they are likely to loosen up a little after a couple of wash/wears.
Any experience, anyone?


  • dennisn
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    No, that's why they call them tights. Whoa, THAT was a bad joke.
    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  • LOL. I so felt like saying that but couldn't bring myself to do it :lol:

    In all seriousness though non of my compression gear or lycra shorts have loosened up. Others may have found different tho.
  • Crapaud
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    I had a pair of De Marchi bib tights that went a bit Nora Batty about the knees.

    It was probably more to do with them being longer than my legs, though they were fine for ages after I'd bought them.
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    quality bibs maintain their shape to a much greater extent - thats what you pay for, and I would put Gore in that category. I have a pair of their Winter tights and they havent changed shape at all despite many many washes - as should be the case.

    buy cheaper bibs and theyre more likely to lose the original shape as the stitching, number of panels etc all affect shape retention.
  • I got two sets of speciallized S-works bib- shorts and they maintain their shape lovely. If you want them to do what they are intended to do and that is to hug your anatomy so you dont cause chills in certain areas and also that you have a streamlined shape and not looking like a pair of Nora's tights or Mc Hammers pants lol ...

    You do indeed get what you pay for my freind!

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  • I've got a pair of Gore Windstopper tights, ridden through last winter, and they haven't loosened up so much as a smidge. Or even half a smidge.
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