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GT Force and GT Sanction? AM full suspension bikes.

henrequehenreque Posts: 28
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I've gotten to the stage where justifying owning my Solid Liberator (in freeride/mini dh mode) is near on impossible and that moving in an All Mountain direction would be preferable to local trails.

I haven't looked much, but the GT Sanction stands out to me for it's eye catching price. However, to me the frame geometries look so similar between the Sanction and the GT Force models, I was curious to know whether a GT Force frame would be strong enough for a "XC come very infrequent light FR" use bike? The Force is about £500 cheaper from a quick search, and I'm not desperate for amazing spec. The saved money could also go towards upgraded parts...

Also, has anyone ridden or owned either and could give me their opinion of either? Or can anyone reccomend something for similar use of a similar price - around abouts £1000 for a full bike?

Cheers in advance.


  • kona five-o?
  • Sorry, forgot to mention that I would prefer a full suspension bike. I've been riding a Hardrock alongside my Liberator and fancy going for a kind of budget full suspension do it all if possible. There is the off chance that I'll head over to Chicksands or want to do some long rides involving some reasonable descending so I'm thinking that a full suspension frame is a must.

    Any opinions on Trance Xs? Or any other similar bikes in this budget? (OEM bike's with naff forks won't be an issue, I can upgrade quite happily)
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The Force is designed as an AM bike - it it is quite steep though.

    The Sanction is virtually the same frame but has extra gusseting and the bike has more relaxed geometry.
  • Thank you for the help.

    As I am really wanting it for a bike I can still have a bit of fun on when possible, I'm not too bothered about the steepness - I can always switch between stems, bars etc if necessary as I have quite a few parts lying about.

    Do you think the Force is a reasonable choice for my intentions then? I can always upgrade the cranks (May switch to single ring) and forks.

    Thanks again.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here

    Though I would get the sanction and fit a lighter shorter fork maybe. It does have some really good parts on it.
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