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Big up for Fizik - take note anyone with a broken saddle

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Hi , I just thought I would relate a positive experience I am having with Fizik. My Fizik Gobi broke a saddle rail last week so I contacted Merlin who, not surprisingly, weren`t interested in the slightest as it`s over a year old at 17 months and they said Fizik wouldn`t replace it. It`s not cheap and should last longer so I went on the Fizik website and filled in a quality form or something, with photos of the broken saddle. A couple of days later I got a very polite reply from Renata but he wanted photos of the seatpost I use so I sent some. Yesterday I got another polite reply saying send the saddle to them at Selleroyal in Italy and they will repair it and send it back. He also advised using a different seatpost for some reason. He even gave me their UPS account number so they could pay although it didn`t work as I don`t have a UPS account so it`s gone royal mail.
Nevertheless i`m happy or at least I will be when it comes back. Many companies don`t even respond to things like that e.g Blackburn who are supposed to have a lifetime warranty.
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  • bad type of seat post is one where the bit above the rail touches the rail at a different point on the rail to the bit(s) below the rail.
  • Interesting info here, ... ourrights/

    I heard this the other day that you can claim for upto six years!
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    I've just had a rather good experience from Wiggle on same subject.

    My Selle Italia broke last week (12 months old) so contacted Wiggle who said send it back to them. Posted on Friday and on Monday received this email
    We are sorry that the goods you received from us were faulty and we have today received the return items listed: -

    * 1 x Selle Italia SLR Teknologika Flow Saddle - Black

    We will dispatch 1 x Selle Italia SLR Teknologika Flow Saddle - Black to you as soon as possible.

    We have today refunded the amount of GBP -2.89 to your Card for the cost of returning goods to us.

    The Wiggle Customer Services Team

    As they don't have them in stock they have now credited my account .
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  • antflyantfly Posts: 3,276
    bad type of seat post is one where the bit above the rail touches the rail at a different point on the rail to the bit(s) below the rail.
    I don`t think my post fits that description.
    I would post a pic of my own but I don`t know how.

    Here it is IMG_1925.jpg
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  • I had a similar experience with Fizik.

    I had 2 Ariones - one on my race bike and one on a training bike. I'd had them for a couple of years although with one thing and onother I hadn't put any great miles on them.

    In the space of 3 weeks both saddles snapped across the base - in line with the 'flexible wings'. I was advised by the LBS to contact Fizik directly.

    Renata contacted me by email asking for pics of the saddles and details of the month/year of production. The next day I got an email from UPS and 2 saddles were delivered to my home address.

    Now that is outstanding customer service!

    100% satisfied customer! :D
  • antflyantfly Posts: 3,276
    That`s even better service than I got if you didn`t even have to return them.
    I`ve got two Ariones aswell so hopefully they won`t go the same way.
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