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Scott Speedster S30

San MarzanoSan Marzano Posts: 132
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Any help/advice gratefully received….

Looking to buy my first road bike – I’ve been offered a Scott Speedster S30 for £400 (cash price). I understand that it used to belong to a member of a local cycling club so there’s every possibility that it has done significant mileage. I’ve had a brief look at the bike – it seems to be in good repair. Looking at images on the internet it appears to be the 2007 model. Despite the shorter days I’m keen to get something sorted reasonably soon.

In a nutshell…..does £400 represent good value for this bike?

Many Thanks.


  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    The S30 2007 looks identical to my 2006 S20. If it is, £400 would seem to be towards the top end of its value by now.

    Things I'd check:

    Mileage: How much, approximately?

    Transmission wear & tear: have any of the rings / cassette / chain been replaced? How much has the chain stretched?

    Does the seat post move? Mine jammed in in the 5 month period that I didn't touch it and wouldn't come out without a lot of grunting. Post was US afterwards. No damage to frame though.

    What state are the wheels in? Pay attention to the rims, the amount of wear, and the bearings too - spin the wheel in the air holding it by the axle and see if you feel rumblings or a lack of smoothness.

    What's the general state of the frame? Grubby, scratched, any damage? And the bonding where the rear forks join the frame under the seat. Does that look sound?

    The Scott S20 / 30 of that vintage are really nice bikes. If it's in good nick, pay the man. But as always, the initial valuation ought to be taken as start point for negotiations. The seller would probably be chuffed to f to get his asking price. It's the most he thinks it's worth. You owe it to yourself to talk him down a bit, even if it's a minter.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    I'd suggest you offer him £300 if it looks in decent nick. Do you have a seasoned cycling friend who could cast an eye over it for you?
  • Great, thanks for your advice - starting at £300 sounds like a good idea to me. The suggestion of taking a mate seems useful. Thanks again.
  • wouldn't go to £350!
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