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Help appeciated!!

DomydiddleDomydiddle Posts: 4
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Have had a decathlon Rockrider 5XC, absolutely loved it but, i'm having endless probkems with it so i'm going to get my money back,

Looking for a replacement,

around the 370 mark going up to around 400

Would like Hydraulic discs,
Sram gears maybe (i like the double underslung shifters)
But apart from that not to picky!

Thanks Very much!



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Have a read of the What Bike thread for more ideas.

    The 5xc is a very basic bike - needs a lot of maintenance.
  • you'd be better off going for a second hand good bike off ebay and go and have a look there
    why you lookin at this it isn't that amazing
  • thanks and will do!
  • there are some secondhand bargains but only if you really know what you're looking at and NEVER bid on any bike without phsyically checking it out first.

    £400 is a reasonable budget for a HT so you've got a fair few options.
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  • hey thanks,

    was really looking for bran new,

    i've found a Gt it is the,

    GT Aggressor XC 2 for 370 which doesn't seem to bad as it is normally around the 450 mark??

    would this be a good call?
  • check out halfrauds website m8
    they have a gt aggressor there with hydro discs for £349, was looking at it myself, but not sure if i should look forther or get my scott i have my eye on lol
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