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Ridgeback Flight 04 or 05. Anyone got one?

markp2markp2 Posts: 162
edited September 2009 in Commuting chat
I am thinking of pensioning off my old and heavy Saracen HyTrail and getting a Ridgeback Flight on the R2W scheme.
Anyone got one? How do they work out in everyday use? Should I get the 04 hubgear or the 03/05 with deraileurs?
Genesis Croix de Fer - my new commuting mount
Saracen Hytrail - the workhorse - now pensioned off
Kinetic-One FK1 roadie - the fast one - hairy legs though!
Cannondale Jekyll Lefty MTB - the muddy one which keeps tipping me into gorse bushes!


  • Hi,

    Well I've had the 05 since April, see sig, and love it. Though I wish it came in black like the 04, I really haven't come across a single thing I don't like about it. It's more than capable of laying down the rubber.

    I've seen another couple of guys on the 05 as well along my route every now and then, one who put me to shame but showed my how capable the bike is at destroying everything else in sight so I've got no doubts about it at all.

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