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Prawny - officially SLOWER than a bus.

whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,336
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I was on the bus in Perry Barr this morning (injured leg) when the bus was overtaken by a blue streak. Further checking revealed it to be our very own Prawny. Generally, due to traffic and bus stops, a bike's faster than a bus between Perry Barr and the city centre, but apparently not this morning.

Prawny - Pull your socks up mate, can't have this losing to buses becoming a regular thing.


  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    :lol: Busted!

    Come on, Prawny. You can't go letting the side down like this.
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  • Prawny - sounds like you need a day out with the Fat Boys to get your average speed up :)
  • nwallacenwallace Posts: 1,465
    That is officially shocking.

    I cycled in on Monday, my shower at work took the same amount of time as a shower at home. I took 46 minutes from door to Bikeaway. With a brief stop in the lift on the Tay Road Bridge. Plus around 5 minutes into the office

    Wind slowed me down a bit and my record is around 36 minutes

    This morning I set off from the house at 0755hrs, I got on the bus that arrives at the top of the road a 10min walk away at 0805hrs, I sat on said bus until it dropped me at the door of my work at 0905hrs (10 mins late), then a 5 minute walk into the office.

    Should I decide to drive, it will take around 20 minutes and then a 10 minute walk into the office due to the location of the staff car park, that is if I get a good run, 30 minutes or more if traffic is queued up on the bridge or the lights go against me

    The catch for the cycling is I have 2 hill sections that put me in the Granny gear and crawling at <6kmh.

    Travelling calculations ignoring walking
    Bike 13.6km in 45 minutes = 18.33kmh
    Bike 13.6km in 36 minutes = 22.67kmh
    Bus 13.6km in 1hr = 13.6kmh
    Bus 13.6km in 50mins = 16.32kmh
    Car 13.6km in 20 mins = 40.8kmh
    Car 13.6km in 30 mins = 27.2kmh
    (All about the same length despite differing routes)

    This means I only need to find another 5kmh over the 14km to be faster than driving, and the bus is pretty much a joke (Roadworks around the bridge landfall have for once given Dundee traffic jams.)

    On the way home on Monday I was finding the 48kmh descent into a headwind down the hill interesting, but the push it gave me along to the bridge was immense, similar speed so 16kmh more than I would usually get along there :D

    Not bad since I've gone back over 15 stone, damn Flu...

    Oh yeah and Prawny, you suck
    Do Nellyphants count?

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