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Shock pump compatibility

alomacalomac Posts: 189
edited September 2009 in MTB general
A week and a half after I ordered it, my Reba Race has finally flopped into my mailbox. The BBB shock pump I ordered with it came with a cracked face though, thanks to CRC's poor packaging.
I plan on sending it back, but I've noticed that CRC is now out of stock on that particular pump. Their DT Swiss unit has a similar spec., but can that be used with non-DT Swiss forks?

I have to say, given all the delays, part of me just wants to say f*** it and keep the pump as is.


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    If it has the same pressure range that the fork requires then yes it will work.

    I have a Wrench Force shock pump which is very good & maybe cheaper than the DT one.
  • alomacalomac Posts: 189
    Thanks for that, the pressure range is fine, I was just worried that DT Swiss' forks used some sort of non-Schraeder valve. It occurs to me that I could've gotten that info right of DT Swiss' site, but I guess I just wanted to censored about my broken pump.
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