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Traction issues...?

physiostevephysiosteve Posts: 194
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Great weather were havin for mtbing recently trails are bone dry and fast as hell.....
BUT my local rides are developing a loose top surface and weather its my tyres or just censored technique have found myself on my arse3 times in last few weeks having not stacked it for years...!!!!
Anyone one else had this trouble, id luv to blame my tyres, in the loose stuff my nobby nics are utter shite (or is it just me lol!!), any hint of leaning the bike into corner and im gone...!

So i guess what i'm asking is...?
1. Am i just censored and need to deal wiv conditions
2. Wots other ppls experienc e of nobby nics in the loose stuff
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    edited September 2009
    in the loose stuff my nobby nics are utter shite
    My Rize came with a 2.25 Nic up front but it's much better with a 2.4. Not only in loose rubbly stuff but also on sketchy descents, claggy mud and even through sand. The bigger front tyre seems to clear a path for the 2.25 on the back.

    If you like to feel the that front end is planted but the back end is loose, the 2.4F/2.25R combo works really well.
  • Loose gravel can be as bad as slippy wet surfaces. I have almost come of a couple of times simply because of the loose surface.

    Not sure what tyre choice to go for, I have a mud/wet tyre on the rear as I was expecting rain this month, typical its been bone dry for weeks. I think widely spaced deep treaded tyres will do the trick. Maybe a 2.35?
  • Hercule QHercule Q Posts: 2,781
    my local trails are dry and dusty with round gravel on top its like marbles i'm running 2.35 minion super tacky up front and highroller 60a rear and the front stays relativly planted but the back loves to slide out when cornering :shock: I'm actually looking forwards to some rain now to make the trails a bit more grippy

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  • EranuEranu Posts: 712
    i had the same problem with my Ralph rear so I changed it to a Nic which is much better. I've not had the problems since.

    Maybe try .blitz suggestion to see if it works for you too?

    It does make me laugh people complaining it's too dry, I think we've had a great summer apart from July but it seemsothers would prefer it to be wet :) There will be plenty of time for that come winter I assure you!
  • Ha Ha yeah never happy r we, seriously tho dry trails hav been ace and long may it continue interesting that other ppl are finding the loose top surface bit iffy at times, its just a skill ive gotta get betta at! Def gona change the 2.2 nobby nics tho
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Climbing steep on loose gravel and riding sand are the two main pains I have, and several places I go to have both of these. The sand is more an issue with steering though. The gravel is mainly when steep and the back wheel is just going round and round and I'm not moving :D
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