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Kuoate Kebel frame failure?

WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
edited September 2009 in Workshop
I've had my Kuota Kebel for 2 months now.I've had a really annoying creak for a while but always thought it was my wheels (CX ray spokes binding).
Tonight I took a real good look before I go to Wales on Thursday.
I tapped the rear wheel and heard a vibration which I thought was the wheel bearings, I tightened these up and tapped the rim again and it continued.
I removed the wheel and tapped the rear seat stays and it still vibrated, but only on the mech side.
I gently pulled the rear end in a mil or so and could feel movement from somewhere.
It turns out that one of the alloy drop outs that fixes to the seat stay has come loose.
It does have an allen bolt that goes up into the seat stay but this is mega tight and I looks like it has glue around it.
I suspect its the bonding that has gone.
I'm gutted as I've not had it long and really wanted to take it to Wales but looks like I have to return it to the shop I bought it.
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