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My wife and I took delivery of a brand spanking new Cannondale touring tandem from JD Cycles of Ilkley on Friday. We've had it slightly modified from standard in the gearing and braking departments. We had a couple of rides over the weekend in North Yorkshire and we've done about 90 miles on it so far.

Just wondered if there'd be any interest in a review. Tandems are relatively unusual machines which have their advantages and disadvantages and rarely show up in the forum. We have quite a lot of tandemming experience but we've been on short bikes for last few years so we're just getting back into it again.

I edited the Tandem Club Journal in the early 90s for a while. In fact we did 50 odd hilly miles yesterday in the company of my editing predecessor and his wife.

If there is some interest, where should it be posted?

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  • Sounds like a topic for the "Special Interests " dept to me.

    Either that or the " Most fun two adults can get up to on a bike in a public place without getting arrested" section !

    Enjoy !
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    We got the same tandem a couple of years ago. It was slightly frustrating trying to find any decent reviews at the time. so we weren't really sure what to go for. Luckily, it hasn't disappointed, although we don't get to use it as much as I'd like. The level of equipment is very good and well worth the extra ~£600 or so over the Landescape, which was the only other model we got to test ride.

    I'd post the review
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    Please post the review.I recently bought a cheap tandem off fleabay to see if the wife and I could get into it.
    Very scary to start with but now managing 20-30 mile rides ok.Would be interested to read what a "proper" tandem could offer if we invested more.
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    Weather permitting we'll be out tomorrow on the geriatrics Wednesday cafe ride so I'll have a bit more to think about. I took a hacksaw to both sets of handlebars this morning - they were just too wide; probably still are but it's easier to take off a bit more than add a bit on.

    We still haven't swapped the saddles for a pair of Brookes leather ones. We probably will eventually but those supplied are proving surprisingly comfortable. I have a very saggy Professional that's seen my backside through many 1000s of saddle-sore free miles which will find its way onto the new seat pin and the memsahib is only complaining mildly so far.

    Her main complaint is that we haven't as yet fitted a computer so she's having problems keeping her walking/cycling/motoring mileage records up to date. I have a feeling we may have to fit two because I'm in the 21st century and prefer kms whereas she likes to keep a record in Imperial (Roman, that is) units. We'll have to see if the back goes the same distance as the front.

    Delighted with our ridiculously expensive purchase so far. I'm trying not to think how many exotic model aeroplanes I could have bought with the money - or even a small gas turbine.

    Old cyclists never die; they just fit smaller chainrings ... and pedal faster