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anyone got any ideas for a decent hi viz, night vision reflective, not too bad looking long sleeved jersey?

got knocked off last week on a roundabout and ended up under a car... bike totalled and off bike for at least a week due to injuries, but want a decent jacket so can be seen, any ideas? apparently driver didnt see me....


  • Jesus.

    You looking for a wwaterproof, or a soft shell jacket of some sort?

    Altura do a whole range of night vision stuff, and I just spotted that Endura are "getting with the programme" a bit with arm and legwarmers with more reflective than previously.

    Off the top of my head, I think Gore do a bigish range of cross-season stuff. Not sure about their reflectiveness, but worth a look.
  • Altura and lusso do decent stuff- I've had altura for a long time now.

    Also have a look in B&Q they do Hi Viz Polo shirts and long tops as well as the usual workmans bibs and jackets.

    My summer top of choice is on of the Polo ones - cost about £10-15 a few years back and is hardwearing but not uncomfortable or heavy to wear.

    I'm still wearing it in this sort of weather wihout being too chilled and when I know it's going to be dry and cold in winter, I wear a long sleeve top with this over the top rather than a proper jacket. I run warm and don't wear a coat unless I have to.
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    Man, that's scary - glad that you're still with us, and hope the recovery goes well.

    You need to get something that's bright in dusky conditions (e.g. luminous yellow), but also with 3M tape that reflects back driver's lights.

    I'm not sure if you've got a decent jacket, but there's a whole selection of things here:


    The advantage of something like the Polaris RBS vest is you can put it on whatever the weather conditions.

    Things like reflective ankle bands may be an addition that seem to work well (the movement of you pedalling attracts attention)
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  • +1 for the Hi Vis polo shirts. I work in the rail industry and we have a decent range of fetching hi vis gear (in orange), these orange polo shirts with the 3M tape are great. I also have an orange Goretex Jacket, but it might be a bit bulky for cycling in.
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    cheers am getting hi vizzed up, but my incident happened at dusk on a sunny eve, and dont think the low sun helped, sometimes its just your turn i guess... esp when it happens from behind you!
  • Screwfix http://www.screwfix.com/cats/A331075/Workwear-PPE/Workwear-PPE/Hi-Vis-Clothing?ts=65673 do Polo Shirts and Tshirts for under a tenner and a fleece for £20, as well as the usual stuff. They have a few trade counters round your way (Open to the public).

    I was driving home tonight and the sun was very bad in places, real problem at this time of year, unfortunately some drivers don't realise the less you can see the slower you have to go - hope you recover quickly

    All the best

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  • Thank goodness you survived :shock:

    In low sun (morning or evening) I tend to have my lights on (flashing) in the hope that it shows up while my not insubstantial bulk eclipses some of the sunlight. I don't know if that works or whether I am living under a misconception :?
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    Good grief, you're a lucky man. Hope you heal fast.

    The Hi Viz stuff works to a point, but you need the reflective strips/tape in the dark. You can put it on the heel of your shoes too if you don't use overshoes with reflective strips.
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    Christ, sorry to hear of your off. :(

    If I'm being honest I think hiviz is a red herring when it comes to road safety. For one thing EVERYONE is in hiviz now, so the oddity factor has wained, secondly I was covered in it when the driver pulled out on me last year. He too claimed the sun in his eyes. Even the copper I spoke to after said he didnt know why the guy didnt put his hand over his brow or wait and check properly.

    I did also have my lights on flash, it does work to a degree, but you need VERY bright flashing lights. Something like a 3w lamp front and back.

    Having said all that hiviz, lights and helmet make insurance claims a hell of a lot easier!
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    Jeeez - thats rough ! Glad you're OK !

    To be honest - I'd just go for the workmensmesh jackets over whatever it is you ride in. That way - it doesnt matter if you're wearing summer or winter kit. Cheap as chips and bright as anything else.

    With the money you've saved - get two Smart Superflash 1/2 Watt lights. About a tenner each.