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New BIG sponsor

iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
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Doing it the old skool way, starting smaller and building up ... hree-years

NetApp are a very big name in storage (in the datacentre), so that must be a positive move.
Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.


  • Yep - the revenue (not profit, afaik!) from the sale of 10 Netapps boxes would be enough to fund a top-level team for a year, so they are the right kind of sponsor, able to sell and schmooze at cycling events. They took me to rugby a couple of times, which was fun, but I'd now be more than happy to take them up on an invitation...

    Sadly though, I've recently left the telecoms world where a lot of these are bought. The number of people in my office who were seriously into cycling (had decent bike, did the odd sportive at least) was huge - maybe 5% of staff... Might be true elsewhere of course, but in my old company the CFO and the CTO were both cyclists, and they are the key decision-makers of course.
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