Motorcycle - from Dover to Rome - how long ??

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A good friend of mine is motorcycling next week from the port of Dover to Rome. He was asking how long did I reckon it will take? Anyone on this forum completed this trip......if so, how long did it take? Or, does anyone have any idea how long it will take?


  • I assume he'll be doing Calais to Rome - Viamichelin makes it just over 1000 miles and reckons on it taking about 16 hours in a car. I usually find you can do long journeys a bit faster than mapping websites predict, but given that most of it is on motorways a bike won't be too much faster, and the extra fuel stops might cancel that out completely. I'm quite happy to drive from Yorkshire to the South of France in one go, which is a similar distance, but that's sharing the driving with my girlfriend - unless I had a big comfy touring bike I'd almost definitely want to do that distance over two days, especially if I could avoid riding in the dark by doing so.
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    wow! - assuming he is sailing to calais - he has over 1600Km (1200miles?) to go - I think for me that would be about 3 days although 2 is probably do-able.

    a lot depends on the comfort offered by the bike - a tourer like a pan-euro and the likes will make 500+ miles a day achieveble - but my sportsbike (which needs refuelled every 150 or so miles) would be torture at or around the 350-400 mile mark.

    would be a cool trip though - i'd try and get an early morning sailing to calais, stop the first day around the north-west france german border - head through switzerland the second day and aim to stop in Italy around Milan / lakes region and then press to rome on the third day.

    actually thinking about it - i'd have to go for a 4 day trip for this - otherwise i'd just be in agony for days afterwards too.
  • Thanks guys, he's got one of those ZZR machines, built like a space ship. He's also got an MV Agusta. I think he's looking at a 3 day trip