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Another SPD Question????

newburb_1968newburb_1968 Posts: 114
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Hi need a bit of advice really....not sure if it's me or my shoes?

I've been using SPD-L pedels on my road bike for the last couple of years, and had no trouble clipping in and out of the pedels. So I have changed my Mountain bike to SPD pedels (This is the second time of doing so), and I'm using a pair of Lidl bike shoes with them.
The problem is that it seems a hefty turn and tug to remove my foot from the pedal compaired to my road shoes/pedal system. I have nearly gone over a few times and my right foot isn't worth talking about. I have to stop and the lean the bike over to get out of the pedal.
Is this right?
Or is it having cheap shoes?

Would it be the Shimano 520 pedal to tight or to loose. (What would be the ideal setting of adjustment). Tight because it springs out quicker or loose because it is easier.

It seems a numpty question!
Sorry if you have answered ones like this before or your bored with the SPD questions...just seen two posted!! but they don't seem to answer my question.


  • Loosen the adjuster screw nearly all the way on both sides of the pedal, then adjust back up until you are comfortable. loosening ( towards the minus sign) makes it easier, tightening makes it harder to unclip.
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  • I'll give it a go and see what happens...thanks
  • RedJohnRedJohn Posts: 272
    Also have a look at your cleats -
    black = unidirectional, harder to unclip but more secure.
    Silver = multidirectional, the opposite.

    Also make sure part of the pedal aren't wedging themselves between the cleat and the tread parts of the shoe - a problem I had, took me ages to figure out.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Make sure the tread of your shoe isnt fouling the pedal I had to use a dremel to cut the tread away on my Specialized shoes so I could unclip easily. The shoe should be able to pivot slightly without coming unclipped its called float if your shoe doesnt float you will have trouble unclipping.
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  • Thanks for your help all!
    I done two things!

    1> Loosened to the minus sign.
    2> Change position of cleat on shoe to higher up.

    Just been out for 15mins and this has done the trick, it unclips like a dream..

    Thanks once again.
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