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10,000 additional secure cycle spaces at stations

megillelandmegilleland Posts: 786
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In the Times today: "The daily misery of hunting for a space in the railway station car park and being charged up to £20 for the privilege will soon be over for thousands of commuters — if they switch from petrol to pedal power".

I am always wary of leaving my bike at the local station, and always take it with me on the train. But in London it's going to be a good idea if the bike areas are properly monitored or supervised. Also good if your are visiting London for a day or two and want to leave your bike somewhere safe.

Regarding cages accessible by swipe cards. In Zaragoza, Spain they have had, for a number of years, cycle parks that are built underground and you get your bike delivered to you through a kiosk entry. Check out the video of the Japanese cycle park also in the same article.

If more politicians, like Lord Adonis, looked abroad to see how other countries handled cycling issues maybe there would be a different attitude taken towards cyclists and cycling here.
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