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Help with a new build 456

biker66biker66 Posts: 7
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Hi. I've been biking on and off for years. BMX back in the day. Motorcycles. Then mountain bike , but only a hardrock. Now I'm on a 24inch bmx and loving the skatepark and jumps again. Recently though I'm drooling over the On one bike frames and kind of obssesed about building up a 'do it all' hardtail.
Doing crazy research but I'm really split between a more all mountain, heavy duty ride or a lighter xc ride. Think I'm going the xc way, as it won't replace my jump bike. Thing is I never broke my specialized hardrock, even with small jumps and drops. I'm pretty light and like to ride smooth.
On the over hand if I'm out on a ride and see jumps and drops, I'm probably gonna do them.

I'm looking at e-bay stuff. Ok. What wheels? Mavic D521 overkill? Would some xc wheels be strong enough for ocassional jumps and drops? Recomendations?

Do you think Shimano deore cranks would be strong enough?

Any ideas where I can save weight and where I don't want to be saving weight if I'm gonna lose strength?

I'm gonna try and build for 400 to 500 pounds, with second hand and some new stuff. Not including the frame cheers.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If you are a heavy rider, and ride rough, the 521 is a great choice.

    The cranks will be fine.
  • 521s are not that heavy really 600g or so. Getting decent tyres will save you weight, so don't skimp on them. Also cheapo forks will be heavy, look for air versions of whatever you choose, gearing isnt that important whatever you buy will work from Deore/X5 up to XTR/X0. Spend the initial layout on frame, forks, wheels and cranks. Everything else is easily changed later really. I would recommend the following

    Mavic 521s on hope pro 2 hubs
    shimano deore gearing - maybe an Ultegra 12-27 cassette to keep weight in check
    rockshox tora air forks or FOX Vanilla if you can stretch to it
    shimano SLX chainset
  • Thanks. Yeah, seems like 521's are the way to go, especially if they are not heavy anyway.
    I was looking at Tora's , but actually I'm holding out for a good second hand deal on some Revelations or Pikes.
    Wheels , forks and cranks. That makes sense. I think I'll buy a new frame and build on that. And the rest of the parts try to scavenge from a good second hand bike deal.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    the 456 is lovely with pikes up front, but i want a set of maxle light revelations to see whether they get overbiked in comparison. I would be nice to save 1/2 a kilo or so off the front end!
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