Casette can i?

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I have a 2007 Dawes Giro 300 road bike with Shimano Sora 7 speed gears.( I believe). I want more gears, can i do this by simply buying a 8-9 speed cassette or does it not work like that? If it's a free wheel does that mean i have to buy a new rear wheel to up my gearing? any information greatly received.


  • Anonymous
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    Sell your bike and get one equipped with 105, it is worth it in the long run....... :wink:
  • andyrr
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    I think your bike has a freewheel as opposed to a cassette (I have a Giro 100 which came with freewheel rear-hub) ?

    I think that hubs for 7 speed cassettes won't work with 8+ speeds. Not sure about freewheel hubs and their ability to work with 8+
  • keef66
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    If you have 7 speed shifters you'll need to upgrade them as well to get more gears.
    So rear wheel / freehub / cassette / rear shifter / and possibly rear mech.

    Expensive proposition with new components, so unless you can get the bits second hand, it might be better putting the money towards a new (or second hand) bike.
  • Garry H
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    I'll sell you some 8spd shifters.