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Mavic aksium spacer?

rjsmithrjsmith Posts: 1,924
edited September 2009 in Workshop
I've bought a rear aksium 2nd hand - does anyone know if it should have a spacer on the freehub for the shimano 10 speed cassette (not the thin spacer that comes with the cassette but the Mavic one that I've seen on Kysriums)?


  • Think you just need to use the spacer if using a 9 speed cassette (like me)
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,513
    For Shimano 10 you need both the Mavic spacer and the Shimano spacer.
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396

    There should be a thickish spacer (3mm or so) with the wheels, which you need to fit a Shimano or SRAM cassette onto a Mavic M10 hub (Aksium, Ksyrium or Cosmic)

    Plus there should be a thinner spacer (1mm or so) which comes with a Shimano 10sp cassette.

    If you were fitting a 8sp or 9sp cassette, you'd just need the thicker Mavic one, but as you're fitting 10sp, you need both.

    Google around for Mavic M10 spacer - you can pick them up for a couple of quid (which is probably a decent profit margin on what is after all a big aluminium washer !)
  • rjsmithrjsmith Posts: 1,924
    Thanks for the help guys.
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