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My Lancashire Loop Challenge

scruffycatscruffycat Posts: 7
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Hope you don't mind me sharing this with you.

Today I did the toughest and longest ride I've done to date. I got a new bike in June after agreeing to take part in the Lancashire Loop Challenge and training has been somewhat erratic.

I hadn't ridden for four years previously and even then never ever to this extent.

So last night had fairly sleepless night as thought I'd bitten of more than I could do. This morning at 10am I started a 48 mile ride (was 50 but the route was changed and 2 miles lost so cyclists didn't have to go onto the A6). I actually did 51 in the end after going the wrong way a couple of times and backtracking :oops:

I did the ride in five hours and 20 minutes, including breaks, and am pleased because I planned to complete it in around five hours by covering ten miles per hour. I was very chuffed with my top speed which was 32mph down a steep hill - scary and exciting.

The first hour or so was full of steep climbs and I have to admit to eventually getting off the bike and walking up part of three of the hills as my legs just couldn't do it. The rest of the ride I remained firmly on the bike and rode the best I could. The last 8 miles or so were the worst as pain really started to kick in and I really needed the loo.

I felt tired and hungry at the end. I made mistakes - the biggest was not eating and drinking enough on the bike. I'm stronger than I thought I was but still a lot of work to do - want to do some sportives next year :P

At the end of the ride discoved that my back tyre had a bit of wood sticking into it. I took it out when I got home and down went the tyre - talk about lucky.

So lots of improvement to be made but I'm chuffed with myself and erm just wanted to share it. Next step - join a club and build a training plan.

Does anyone fancy recommending some good sportives to attempt?

Apologies for rambling on :? I'm just pleased and really love cycling.


  • Well done, looks like you had a fab day doing this. Hope the legs are allright now (hot bath and paracetamol in order if not)
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  • GarzGarz Posts: 1,155
    Seems you took a positive yet realistic approach to and from this scruffy! Keep it up!
  • volvinevolvine Posts: 409
    congratulations scruffy and well done to you.
    a good realistic goal for next year would be the Manchester 100 mile ride which is mainly round the quiet country lanes of Cheshire the course is fairly flat (depending how fit you are lol) with really good feed stations at sensible intervals the course is really well sign posted and with lots of people doing it you will not be short of good company.
    i cannot recomend this one enough for your next big challenge the 100

    this is the link
  • Well done!

    The Lancs Loop started my cycling bug, three loops ago.

    As for sportives I would also recommend the Manchester 100. For something different what about the Tatton Sprint Tri in September 2010 ? Or a cycle to Paris? Can you cycle to work? There's some good cycling to be had in Cheshire at the weekends too.

    Keep it up!
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