Sore Bum!

VJay60 Posts: 4
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I have a Specialized Myka Expert and have been using it to commute to work for the past few months. My daily journey is 11 miles round trip - the majority off-road on rough bridlepaths and tracks. I have recently developed very rough and sore skin on the insides of my thighs at the back (just under my bum!)!!. Before acquiring my MTB I commuted to work on a Specialised Sirrus hybrid bike (on road only) and never had these problems. The Sirrus has a slightly suspended seat post as well as a much more cushioned saddle.

My question to other women MTB'ers out there is - does anyone else have these problems? And if so, do you think it would be advisable to change to a suspended seat post or would this hinder me when riding off road?