winter riding gear... which?

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Starting to get cold on the sea front now and looking to get some full finger riding gloves after I nearly snapped off my thumbs from the cold.

However I need to start thinking about what to wear clothing wise so I don't end up so restricted that I look like i'm on an artic expedition but the same time don't want to be drenched in sweat etc.

Do I go down the layers route (base layer, jersey and possibly cycling jacket)? What has worked best for other people. Haven't had to deal with this yet as only took MTB'ing back up in about May after a 12 year gap!

Cheers for any advice etc

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  • Probably the best purchase I made was a decent soft shell... as soon as the temperature drops it becomes a stable of every ride...

    Layering is definitely the way to go... base layer (ideally merino as it smells way less), soft shell and a thin, breathable waterproof. A combination of those will get you through almost any day...
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    RockingDad wrote:
    Do I go down the layers route (base layer, jersey and possibly cycling jacket)?

    Yes, yes and yes. It's definitely the best route to go down in any case. That way you'll have riding gear for ALL conditions.

    The thing is by layering, if you aren't warm enough, add another. If you get too warm, take one off. Simples. You can't do that if you've got one big thick layer on.

    A decent base layer is absolutely crucial - I really rate Under Armour Cold Gear. It's not cheap, but then quality rarely is.
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