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weird brake problem

neebneeb Posts: 4,430
edited September 2009 in Workshop
I've just changed my brake cables, but after setting up the front brake and tightening the nut that holds the cable to the brake (campagnolo chorus) to the recommended torque with a torque wrench, the cable slipped through the nut when full force was applied to the lever... I increased the torque so that it was considerably more than recommended, and this still happened (although only when lot of force was applied). The cable is definitely a brake cable. It is definitely in the little slot behind the nut. I've no reason to suspect that my torque wrench is suddenly faulty, and the nut is pretty tight...

The little plate that squashes the cable from the nut side does seem to have the impression of the cable in it, running across the grooves... wondering if this could be causing the problem? I hope not, it will be a b*gger to get a replacement quickly...


  • Turn the plate 180*
    do up w/ allen key to probably 90* as tight as you can do it.
    Probably wont slip anymore; but the brake cable will flat slightly - good as a quick fix.
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,430
    Thanks, I might try that if I continue to have problems. Right now it seems OK after I swapped the the plates on the front and rear brakes. It's definitely caused by the cable wearing a slight groove in the plate, which reduces friction between the cable and the plate. Swapping the plates seems to make just enough difference as the worn groove is slightly deeper on the front and at a very slightly different angle.

    Need to get a couple of Campagnolo replacement parts... Part number BR-VL010 apparently...

    This is potentially quite dangerous, it would be easy to tighten the bolt to the correct torque and then have the cable slip when you used the brakes in anger, if you hadn't checked them thoroughly first.
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