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Proportinally easier....

kwestoskwestos Posts: 10
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Long time Mountain Bike rider about to buy a road bike as I've finally seen the light!

I have been riding my mountain bike for years on the road (for core training) and always give a wry smile when all the roadies fly by - I always have a chuckle.

Just for a bit of fun, what percentage (%) would you say is the difference of riding a road bike compared to a mountain bike on the road. I know there's lot's to take in, weight, tyres, gears etc. But how much easier would it be if I were to put the same amount of effort on a road bike.

Just curious????


  • Apart from the serious hills, when you might run out of gears, you'll find that there's a 14.5%* tailwind wherever you go.

    *Warning: percentages may go up as well as down.
  • a_n_ta_n_t Posts: 2,011
    never ridden a mountain bike but I've passed plenty.

    The answer is in there somewhere!
    Manchester wheelers

    10m 20:21 2014
    25m 53:18 20:13
    50m 1:57:12 2013
    100m Yeah right.
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Well to give you a rough idea.......

    Hill on my regular road bike route is 1 mile climb at about 10% ave. On the MTB I really struggle in a 22t/30t combo. On the road bike I can sit and spin a 34t chainring and never have to use a 23t sprocket out back.
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