Turbos - intervals on a non-adjustable trainer

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Hi, I'm going to buy a turbo, either an Elite Crono Fluid or a Tacx Satori. I want to use the turbo mainly for interval sessions (efforts of between 1 to 5 minutes).

Which turbo would you recommend for this type of session?

The Elite has no adjustable resistance, but does that mean you can't do an effective interval session? The Elite appeals to me most as I would prefer a simple trainer without the cables of the resistance adjuster, plus it is a bit cheaper. But if the Satori is going to be much more effective for quality over quantity training sessions then I could put up with the cable.

Thanks for your help!


  • I have a Kurt Kinetic which has no adjustable resistance however that is not to be seen as a negative as It is really easy to alter the resistance on the KK by working up or down through the gears thereby altering the effort. I would imagine the Elite would be exactly the same although not having any experience of the Elite I cannot say just how much resistance the unit provides...
  • i just brought the tacx sirius soft gel for 120 quid from internet its soild and easy to set up brought after doing alot of asking around and searching internet for reviews on turbos well happy with it
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    I've got the Elite Crono Fluid and it's fine for intervals as changing gears changes resistance. I think it's quiet but I can't really tell when I've got the fan going and my headphones on. No complaints so far from the missus or neighbours so it can't be too bad.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I think I will go for the Elite now. I've just seen it given 9 out of 10 in this month's CPlus and there's a 30% discount on it on Wiggle at the moment, so it seems the best I think.