Shorter Stem

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I went for an evaluation ride today, and was recommended to get a shorter stem to allow a better riding position.

I have a stock Specialized Allez Sport and believe the fitted stem is 110mm long (it is written on it) I have looked on the internet and found various offering but unsure of the other measurements that are being quoted

What shouldI look for in replacing this stem and what are the relaven measurments?




  • Monty Dog
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    It's almost certainly for a 1.125" fork steerer and the other dimension is the diameter of your handlebars, these days 31.8mm is pretty well standard for road and MTB. Most road stems are angled at 6 degrees to make it horizontal when fitted to the bike - you can always flip-it to give a slight rise. Most stems come in a range of sizes from 90mm to 130mm - if you need some outside this range, your frame size is probably not right.
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