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bike insurance

pyro_maniacpyro_maniac Posts: 232
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i am looking to cycle to work as it will be quicker then driving there and will also keep me fit
as i work based in a Tesco store it will be locked up outside to a cycle rack between 0830-1900 on a day shift, and between 1830-2300 on a night shift
i want to get my bike insured for theft, and have had quotes for about £50 a year to cover bike and accessories for £600
does this sound about right? i have a silver rated lock already, but will get another silver rated lock and will use both of them
unfortunately there is no option for me to lock the bike up inside anywhere
any other tips or suggestions for insurance/locks?


  • canada16canada16 Posts: 2,360
    I got my bike covered with my contents, I had to pay extra as my bike is worth 3000.00.

    But they cover up to 1000.00 with no extra charge.

    Make sure the insurance will cover being locked outside with a silver lock, and if you have any quick release stuff remove, or dont have.

    As its being kept outside tesco's your wheels and seat post will prob get stolen with quick release.
  • my house insurance only covers thft from my house, not from work
    the seatpost clamp has been changed for a non QR now and both wheels will be locked so they shouldnt go walking,lol
  • canada16canada16 Posts: 2,360
    If its specific bike insurance, make sure you read everything, inc small print.

    They will do anything not to pay.

    Have heard on here that people are still waiting for claim money over 6 months.

    And with home insurance they will pay straight away, unless they smell a rat.

    AA or MS seem to be good.

    Im with the AA, and they will cover bike bike outside the home with a 50p lock, they just said make sure that 50p lock is attached to perm structure and to the frame.
  • With M&S you can choose to have 'away from home' cover which will cover your stuff on a worldwide basis.
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