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For the un-initiated - a whitening or pale patches on the skin, most notably suffered by the late Michael Jackson.

I have had this for a couple of years now. Initially a small patch on my 'undercarriage', then developing to cover most of my groin and tops of the legs. Then one armpit, now both.
Went to my GP, who sympathised but was of no use. He mentioned that it is sometimes confused with a fungal infection, so I got treatment for that. Made no difference.
I am currently not bothered, as all the places are 'invisible' in normal life to everyone but me and Mrs BigSpecs. However, if it spreads anywhere else it would be a different matter. Has anyone else had it? is it cycling related? (seems to be the hot and sweaty areas?) and should I get my GP to refer me to a dermatologist? In fact, anyone here a dermatologist?


  • Big Specs
    I've had vitiligo for at least 25 years: I'm in my 40's now. It is NOT cycling related - I had this at least 20 years before I took up cycling. This is an hereditary condition; my brother has this too (no, he's not a cyclist!).

    I have white patches on my 'undercarriage', fingers, hands, and ankles. It does move around a bit, but seems to have been stable for the last 10 years. I can remember having a patch on my collar bone when I was about 20, but this is now long gone.

    Personally I see this as a minor inconvenience. I have to be careful to cover up in the sun and I use plenty of sun cream (but the weather is dull, cool and damp most of the year anyway!). Other than that everything works fine. The undercarriage works well (I have children - who look like me!) and I'm fit and healthy. I sometimes wonder if people are looking at the white patches on my hand, but nobody's ever mentioned it. During the winter I'm a uniform milk bottle white (nice) so I forget about it myself.

    Things could be worse. Think about all the truly horrible conditions you might have - just imagine if you'd never discovered the joy of cycling .... too shocking to contemplate.

    I should get out more (on the bike)
  • Hi MT,
    Thanks for the input. I have just re-read my earlier post and I think I maybe overstated the case a little. I am currently not bothered in the slightest by my white patches but was a little perturbed this morning when I found, post-shower, the additional armpit and increased undercarriage blotches (much more than when I last bothered to look about a year ago). Your mind starts to race and you wonder whether it is going to run rampant...hence the post.

    I too am lovely and pale, and live in Glasgow, so chances of sun damage are slim! I will endeavour to keep it all in perspective and will watch with interest the conditions progress over the coming years...

    Cheers, BS.
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