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My first TT, thoughts.

amck111amck111 Posts: 189
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After successfully avoiding them all my life I finally gave in and raced my first ever TT. 10miles at 27.35. Hurt like hell! But looking forward to next season.

Two things, I did it on a standard road bike, i.e. no aero wheels and TT bars. How much time am I likely to gain if I did use these?

Also I noticed that whenever I went to get up out of the saddle to 'power up a hill' my calf's started cramping. I'm assuming this is not normal, any ideas as to why I maybe experiencing this? Is it just because I'm not used to TT or would an incorrect seating position be more likely?


  • re: time gain - I think aero bars are worth about a minute in a ten

    re: calves - from my experience this year, that's fairly normal. The more you race, the less you'll experience it (or the further you have to ride before it kicks in).
  • Jeff JonesJeff Jones Posts: 1,865 Editor
    Well done! You will get faster.

    Full TT set up (and I'm talking everything, including a good position) vs normal road bike, non aero helmet, clothing is worth a good 3 mins at your speed. As you get faster, the absolute time gains from aero equipment decrease.
    Jeff Jones

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  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    amck111 wrote:
    Also I noticed that whenever I went to get up out of the saddle to 'power up a hill' my calf's started cramping.
    Probably just a lack of race fitness - the more of these sorts of efforts you do, the more your body gets used to it. It should still hurt of course, but in different ways! :wink:
  • ProssPross Posts: 29,596
    Aero bars are a good, cheap way to improve your time. I always found I just felt faster as soon as I settled onto them. Not a bad time for a first attempt, my local course is a fairly quick one and 26 to 28 minutes tends to be about par for newcomers.

    If you aren't already using one a heart rate monitor can also help improve your time as it will tell you when you aren't going as hard as you've convinced yourself you are or when you have a lapse in concentration. I hate the bloody things! :lol:
  • amck111amck111 Posts: 189
    Thanks for the advice. I actually do have a heart rate monitor but only use it for running. Really should get into the habit of using it whilst cycling!
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