mountain biking guiding business?

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well here go,es guys, am very experinced mountain biker, over 20 years on the rough stuff, a few years back i took the mountain bike leaders course, and passed up to a level 2 standard, with first aid certificates and all that gubbins,
am interested in trying to set up a guiding business, where people are picked up quite literally from there door, taken on day trips/weekend away,s for a fantastic and enjoyable time, would love some pointers from people, pitfalls etc, what sort of other qualifications are needed, sorry if that sounded long winded!!!, cheers percey


  • you will need insurance which may be pricey - decent bus and bike rack/trailer

    you will also need to think of your target audience. Who are you taking riding? Are you going to aim at enthusiasts, clubs etc who will want a good varied xc route in an area they aren't familiar with? Or family/beginners getting into riding?

    You need to have a bunch of long weekend ride options - say 3 or 4 days riding based around a locale - if you had say quantocks and exmoor rides for one location, breacon beacons, peaks and lakes for the others then you have some varied offerings.

    I like the idea and it was something I had thought of before possibly as a one locations stay and ride business rather than a take them to the trails sort of thing. Worries are whether there is enough business out there. If you get it started and need another guide, I am in!
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