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New Scottish Hill Climb Event

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West Lothian Clarion, a new club north of the border, are promoting their first event on October 11th. Its a short hill climb up the notorious Kingscavil Hill near Linlithgow

Entries close on 3rd October, we're not exactly inundated with entries at the moment so come on give it a go! We've got a bag piper at the top of the hill and of course all the usual home baking at the Event HQ.

If you don't fancy the race why not come and watch?

In the coming week we are also hoping to announce some exciting news about the event.

Everything you need to know here: ... tails.html



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    Thanks to West Lothian Council It looks like we've got the road closed! Its not often you get the chance to race without having to worry about cars, even if it is only 0.9km, so come on get your entries in.
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    Road definitely closed. Just saw the signs up this morning, many thanks to Visit West Lothian for generously paying for the closure.

    The bag piper has been booked!

    All we need now are a few entries... Closing date is 3rd October... Race day 11th October
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    Start sheet for Kingscavil Hill climb, Sunday 11th October

    1 9.01 Matt Muir West Lothian Clarion 4
    2 9.02 Michelle Gregory Unattached F
    3 9.03 Joseph Maitland Unattached V
    4 9.04 Colin May Edinburgh Road Club 3
    5 9.05 Peter Sammon Sandy Wallace Cycles 3
    6 9.06 Colin Humphries West Lothian Clarion 4 Sen
    7 9.07 Nick Hunter Falkirk BC U14 Jun
    8 9.08 Peter Carnall Unattached NK
    9 9.09 Douglas Corbett Unattached 4 Sen
    10 9.10 Callum Wilkinson Endura E
    11 9.11 Giles Perkins National Clarion North Cheshire 4 Vet
    12 9.12 John McComisky West Lothian Clarion 4
    13 9.13
    14 9.14 Andrew Maxwell Unattached 4 Vet
    15 9.15 Mathew Ball West Lothian Clarion 4 Vet
    16 9.16 Michael Browne Edinburgh Road Club 4 Vet
    17 9.17 Andrew Nicell Team Velo Ecosse NK
    18 9.18 Mark Paul West Lothian Clarion 4
    19 9.19 Patrick Hall Unattached 4 Vet
    20 9.20 Stuart Moran Perth United 4 Sen
    21 9.21 Graham Scobie Pedal Power RT NK
    22 9.22 Craig Sinclair West Lothian Clarion 4
    23 9.23 James Mason Unattached NK
    24 9.24 Drew Santry Unattached 4
    25 9.25 Graham Gillooly West Lothian Clarion 4
    26 9.26 Ross Crook Edinburgh Road Club 2
    27 9.27
    28 9.28 Robert Hemesley West Lothian Clarion NK
    29 9.29 Ian Hughes Unattached 4
    30 9.30 David Martin Bicycle Works 2 Sen
    31 9.31 Ally Morrell West Lothian Clarion 4
    32 9.32 Alasdair Begbie Unattached 4
    33 9.33 Gary Bell Edinburgh Road Club 4 Vet
    34 9.34 Scott Johnston Team Icarus 3 Vet
    35 9.35 Kristoff Aksnes Glasgow Wheelers 4 Sen
    36 9.36 John Paterson Dumfries CC 4
    37 9.37 Gordon McBride Sandy Wallace Cycles 4

    Please have a look at the start sheet and check your event start time. It will take 10 minutes to cycle to the event start from the race HQ at Philpstoun Community Hall so allow time to sign on, available from 7.30am onwards, There will be a route map posted showing directions to and from the event location at the HQ and also West Lothian Clarion members available to assist you with any questions/requests that you may have.

    Hopefully everyone will have a great day and please remember to bring along your race licence and if not you will have to purchase an SCU day licence for £10 which is the normal fee for this type of event. We will have all the appropriate paperwork for you on the day for signing if you have not already completed an entry form for the event.

    As this is our first ever open event please pass on as much feed back as possible to all the officials so that we can learn from the vast experience of the field of riders participating in our first of many open events.

    Look forward to meeting you all on the day and have a brilliant ride as I am sure you will enjoy the sound of the piper as you pass the finishing line.
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    Many thanks to everybody who took part, cheered/whistled/horned (there were alot of you!) volunteered and organised the event. Bill Young put in a great deal of work to get this off the ground, and Tobias Bauer worked behind the scenes to get a road closure. Many thanks to Visit West Lothian for picking up the bill and to West Lothian Council for agreeing to the closure and all the residents at the top and bottom who put up with the inconvenience.

    Congratulations to David Martin First overall in a lung busting time of 2.16; First woman Michelle Gregory, in her first ever race crossing the line in 3.59 and first junior Nick Hunter from Falkirk BC who went all out to get a time of 3.26


    Position Name Time
    1. David Martin 2.16.84
    2. Kristoff Aksnes 2.21.58
    3. Gordon McBride 2.24.62
    4. Colin May 2.28.83
    5. Peter Sammon 2.30.75
    6. Stuart Moran 2.33.40
    7. Alasdair Begbie 2.33.40
    8. Scott Johnston 2.35.42
    9. John Paterson 2.36.36
    10. Ross Crook 2.38.94
    11. Andrew Nicell 2.41.86
    12. Colin Humphries 2.56.55
    13. Drew Santry 3.04.80
    14. Patrick Hall 3.08.50
    15. Ally Morrell 3.08.58
    16. Matt Muir 3.08.66
    17. Craig Sinclair 3.14.50
    18. Andrew Maxwell 3.18.77
    19. Robert Hemesley 3.21.00
    20. Douglas Corbett 3.21.08
    21. Nick Hunter 3.26.31 (1st Junior)
    22. Mark Paul 3.26.97
    23. Peter Carnall 3.41.77
    24. John McComisky 3.54.20
    25. Giles Perkins 3.57.11
    26. Michelle Gregory 3.59.00 (1st Woman)
    27. Joseph Maitland 4.45.11
    Mathew Ball 2.31.10 Private TT
    Graham Gillooly 2.34.89 Private TT
    Callum Wilkinson DNS
    David Dourley DNS
    Michael Browne DNS
    Graham Scobie DNS
    James Mason DNS
    Ian Hughes DNS
    Gary Bell DNS
    Ross Creber DNS
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