recovering from five a side

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its that time of year again where I go out and run around like a headless chicken for an hour pretending I know what i am doing, thing is I am always buggered with stiff legs for 2 days after playing footy. So much so it hurts to walk, its probably because we just start, play for an hour then stop.

anyone got any tips about how I can minimise the stiffness in my legs after footy ?

(never happens when i get back from my bike or a run !)


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    I have exactly the same problem this time of year. Play 5 a side and Unihockey on Monday nights, can't move on Tuesday or Wednesday. I find it is worse the first couple of weeks then its not problem. I'm not into cold baths and the like, but I know that rehydration with beer doesn't work. Stretching and warming up before hand helps as does vitamin I the next day (ibuprofen). The hobbling about does give you the opportunity to tell everyone in the office how "sporty" you are though.
  • your body is telling you something - 'pack it in'

    mine said the same thing, but I didn't listen, now me knees are well and truely shagged

    it is very difficult to accept though. As a minimum just take it easy and play no more than once a week and stroll around at the back, Beckenbauer style
  • You must be joking right?
    You need to warm up and warm down properly, ie gentle jog followed by various stretching exersises :roll:

    P.s i've probably missed another joke, if so i apologise :oops:
  • It depends on your age really, I played football saturdays and sundays for over a decade and when i was in my early twenties I could turn up, get changed and play and bugger off after with no issues at all but as the years wore on warm-ups and lots of stretching after became essential. The reason it probably hurts more than biking and running is the twisting and turning and quick hard effort bursts.