Cannondale 2009 Synapse Hi Modulus - any good??

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Hi Folks. Looking for something that's lively and responsive with plenty of feedback without harshness. I have the opportunity of getting hold of a 2009 Cannondale Synapse Hi Modulus with Ultegra, Mavic Ksyirium Elites, FSA SL-K Light Carbon cranks (BB30) with just a few miles on it in virtually brand new condition for £1500 (RRP was £2500). Has anybody here ridden a Hi Mod Synapse? Are they any good? And how would it compare to a CAAD9 frame (the other possibility I was thinking about)? Thanks in anticipation


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    I've got the 2009 Synapse in 105. Personally I find the ride very very smooth, I could ride the bike all day long, it's easy on the hands. I love the handling, it's very nimble for a supposed comfort bike and road feedback seems just about right. I have so much confidence in the handling.

    I tried loads of other bikes and narrowed it down to this and a Madone which I also loved but the cannondale feels a bit more alive on the road, it's a beautiful experience.

    Acceleration/power transfer is excellent.

    My only gripe is with the left hand 105 shifter, it's a very heavy, almost strained action, but this is surely an issue with my specific shifter.

    I've ridden those Mavic wheels and they are very nice, they made a big improvement on some other bikes i tried where going up in the range meant gaining those wheels and the comparison was very noticable. I can only imagine how my bike would feel with better wheels as it feels so nice right now on Shimano rs10s.

    Just go try one of the normal 105 carbons if you can't find a high mod, it's the same bike minus a few upgrades.

    It was the nicest bike I tried up to about £1850 but obviously that's just my opinion.

    Here's another ... eview.html
  • Hi Evil - thanks for your reply and thoughts. Have you got the Hi Modulus Synapse? Apparently, the Hi Mod is supposed to be noticeably stiffer and more responsive than the standard Synapse frame. I have tried a Modone 5.2, which I found comfy enough but a bit 'mushy' and lacking in responsiveness. Anyway, the review you pointed me is also useful - seems to be highly rated :)
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    Having looked it is a different frame, I thought it was the same so I guess my feedback is fairly useless.
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    The last Cycling Active rated it well above the Defy advanced 2 and Roubaix Comp in a review of sprotive bikes, their only downside was the price. So if it fits...BUY...IT...NOW :D
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    I got my 2010 Hi-Mod (Ultegra) this week and it seems great after 100ish miles. Much more responsive than some so-called 'Sportive' bikes but also very comfortable.

    2009 almost exactly the same I'm told, apart from a few small spec changes.