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Wheel Problem

takoesquaintakoesquain Posts: 5
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I've got some pretty bog-standard wheels that came with the bike (a £300 cheap thing, can't afford better at the moment), but in the last two weeks, I've had three spokes break and my LBS reckons they're coming to the end of their life. Have probably done around 3500 miles on them. I'm not overweight, but am a tall guy, 6'4'', 87kgs.

Question is, it is just cheap wheels coming to the end of their life and I should accept it? Could it be the LBS re-trued badly? And if I need to get new wheels, what would people recommend for someone with a rather limited budget?



  • You can pick up wheels cheap as chips, Just scour the net for the best deals. My Askiums cost 90 quid
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