John O Groats to Lands End UPDATE needed

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I posted on this yesterday, have a Boardman hybrid and am doing the end to end next year and wondered if anyone had advice on whether the hybrid had what it took to do it.

Slight update - now looks like I have £750 to spend if I got rid of the Boardman and am looking for advice on a replacement (am considering the following)

Specialized Tricross Sport

Kona Jake

Giant Rapid

If you didn't see the previous post, I am a MTBer with little or no experience of drop bars and need something that will keep me up with my roadgoing regular chums, can carry a little kit (we have a support vehicle) and will be comfortable and stable.

All advice gratefully received.


  • Stuey01
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    Why not buy an actual road bike, instead of a cyclocross bike?
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  • Recommendations around that price point? Am purely thinking of comfort, although I could fit a more upright stem I guess.
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    Giant Defy 2 or Specialized Secteur. The Giant Rapid is a flat bar bike so I can't see how it'd be much better than your Boardman.

    If you have a support vehicle then all you need is a saddlebag and a jersey with pockets - you don't need something like a Tricross of Kona Jake that'll take panniers (though the Defy will take panniers as well). I can't see how a pseudo-cyclocross bike would be any more comfortable than a road bike with relaxed geometry (like the Giant Defy or Specialized Secteur) unless you had fat tyres (but then you may as well just ride a mtb).

    Road bikes can be very comfortable over long distances, but given that most manufacturers only offer 4 or 5 sizes, off-the-peg isn't going to fit everyone straight off. A change of stem or seat can make a HUGE difference though....
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    How far are you intending to ride per day?

    If it is short-ish then just get a proper fast road bike and be done with all this comfort rubbish. There is nothing comfortable about slogging into a headwind on an upright bike as your mates ride off into the distance :shock:
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    The bottom end Bianchi Via Nirone can be had for around that budget I think.

    Otherwise Giant, Trek, Spesh all have offerings. A mate just got the Focus Varaido from wiggle and is loving it, good spec for the money too.
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