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Converting downtube shifters to STI

simonaspinallsimonaspinall Posts: 645
edited September 2009 in Workshop
Hi there

I currently am running mid-90s 105 groupset with downtube shifters but would reeeeeeally like to have sti on it. It's my winter hack bike, my summer steed is fully modern; but I am quite attached to the old girl. How practical is it to change the shifters to STI? The main problem is that there is no fitting on the frame to have a cable housing fed through after leaving the bars where it can be held for going down the downtube and pivoting round the bottom bracket area.

One option may be to have the frame sent away after winter for a respray with a frame builder and have it adjusted.

Sound sensible? - It's a tidy frame and would look much better after a full re-grease and respray. The STI would be the cherry on the cake! :D
What wheels...?!


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