Planet x Sportive Ti owners! Help!

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I am 5'10" and a bit and have a 31.5" in seam, on the planet x website the recommended guide heights for the medium are 5'8" to 5'10" and the large is 5'10" to 6' so the large is the one i want as i am assuming due to the fact that i am just over the recommended height for the M the large is better. its annoying as i am right on the borderline! I would appreciate if someone can offer any advice, i will also ring PX this morning.
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  • Hi
    I am 5 ft 10 with a 31 inch inseam, I have a medium planet X sportive, I have tried it with a 13cm stem butam now back to a 12 cm stem, I do normally ride with a long top tube.
    I have no spacers under the stem to get as low as I want and there is a nice amount of seatpost showing.
    I hpe that helps, probably just confuse you more.
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    Ring Planet X, the guys (and gals) there are brilliant.

    After I ordered my Pro Carbon last week I had a panic that maybe I should have gone for the XL rather than the L. They went off and measured the seat post that ships with it from the clamp down to the minimum insertion point (so I had a measurement from centre of BB to saddle rails) and then I compared it to my current road bike setup, which meant I knew I would still be able to raise the saddle 4cm higher than I needed it without exceeding the minimum insertion of the seat post.

    Have the bike now and it fits like a dream!
  • I've got the Ti Road in a medium- I'm a similar height to you with slightly shorter legs, so I chose the slightly more compact geometry (I was going to buy the sportive but the slightly more compact geometry makes it a better fit) I have the seat post is set very low. So I'd say a sportive medium would be fine for you.
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  • I'd get the large - top tubes are quite short and at 5'10 and a bit that bit puts you in the recommended range for large anyway. Personal preference though.

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    I'm 5'11 (just) and I've got a large. I considered the xl as I could have got a position with either but prefered the shorter reach on the L. I would have thought a large would be fine as the top tube is a bit shorter than some 56cm bikes

    i run with a 100mm stem and about 85 mm drop to bar tops- pm if you want some pics- got it set up with guards etc

    I visited px and they let me try them on a turbo there- they were really helpful
  • thanks mate, sent you a pm, a few pictures would be excellent to get an idea of what the large looks like.
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    31.5mm inseam but only 5'8". I have go the medium frame and 100mm stem. I have flexibility problems so need a more upright position so I would say given the leg lengths are the same a medium would be appropriate with a longer stem but as already stated Planet X are great at dealing with these kind of queries. Just make sure you measurements are accurate.

    I have a low saddle position and there is loads of adjustments upwards left on it so there would be no problem with getting a higher seat position. However on a large frame my saddle would probably end up below the bar height.